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On June 8th 2009, employees of the Homosassa Special Water District opened two valves on a new section of 12 inch pipe on Mason Creek Road.  This was phase six of a seven phase project that is designed to increase the volume of water delivered throughout the Water District. Before the project was complete the flow testing of fire hydrants in the Mason Creek area indicted flows of less than 300 gallons per minute and loss of residual pressure throughout the system during testing.  Now that the project is complete the same hydrants in the Mason Creek area are delivering 700 gallons per minute with minimum pressure losses.  This six phase project involved the construction of approximately 10 miles of new 12 inch pvc and ductile iron piping.  The majority of the construction of the project was accomplished by the employees of the Homosassa Special Water District.  Directional bores on the project were completed by private contractors.  The pipe route through Old Homosassa was chosen to keep the disruption to the public to a minimum and to replace old 2 inch galvanized waters mains in the Elm Street, Misty Rose, Court Street and Woodland areas of Homosassa. By utilizing our employees and carefully choosing the pipe route we have saved an estimated 2.5 million dollars on the cost of this project.




What’s Next– HSWD has one more phase to complete in this project.  The last phase is a directional bore under the Homosassa River to connect the new 12 inch main to the Riverhaven area. 

HSWD is now starting a program of replacing inadequate 2 inch galvanized water mains with new 8 and 6 inch water mains and fire hydrants.  Currently we are constructing a 2,500 foot 6 inch water main on Beagle Drive in the Mason Creek area.  In the engineering and permitting phase is a new 8 inch water main on Stonebrook that will increase fire flows on US 19 and the Crystal River Highlands area of the District.

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the employees of the Homosassa Special Water District who not only work hard to maintain and operate the water system but can also complete difficult projects.  In my 35 years of public service I have never been so proud to be associated with such a group of hard working and dedicated people.

David Purnell, Superintendent

Homosassa Special Water District